YOSEMITE’s History

Previously, YOSEMITE’s technical team had been working on developing a music service that utilized blockchain technology, which aimed to provide a system that allows artists to bypass any middleman service and upload music directly to the blockchain, and automatically distribute the proceeds generated from their work. However, blockchain’s limited scalability and transaction fees proved to be difficult to overcome. In the summer of 2016, the team developed a hybrid system that surpassed these limits of blockchain technology, and recognized its potential to be more suitable for building a trading exchange platform. Since then, the development team initially focused on building Artstock Exchange, a platform for trading shares of artworks, that upon further development evolved into YOSEMITE, which applies the technology to more asset types, including real estate properties, professional sports teams, entertainment productions, and private startup companies.

YOSEMITE’s Roadmap

  • October 2016

    Developed blockchain-based hybrid trading system’s core features

  • February 2017

    Developed Digital USD issuance and management system

  • May 2017

    Developed Alpha version of YOSEMITE for in-house testing

  • July 2017

    - Released YOSEMITE’s Technical Whitepaper
    - Announced Alpha version to the public

  • December 2017

    Begin open-Beta testing & form business partnerships

  • January 2018

    - YOSEMITE Mock Investment Competition
    - Accept asset listing requests

  • March 2018

    - Complete YOSEMITE Version 1.0
    - Complete operating system structuring

  • May 2018

    YOSEMITE Version 1.0 Launch

YOSEMITE's Direction

Version 1.0

We will establish a committee consisting of specialist-professionals to validate assets and list renowned assets that will catch public’s attention. The service should be easy and convenient enough to use for individuals who are not familiar with blockchain or cryptocurrency. We will form partnerships with relevant entities, market movers, and influencers to publicize the fact that YOSEMITE provides a landscape of new business opportunities for current market players. We will minimize operations involvement through active outsourcing, and focus on quickly stabilizing the service based on user feedback.

Version 2.0

We will expand the platform by integrating various service providers. Participation of agencies for asset listing will be encouraged, and 3rd-party entities can provide services such as inspection and insurance within our platform. Portfolio listing (portfolio shares) will offer a more conservative alternative to investing, while expanding listing targets to include lesser known assets will widen investment options.

Version 3.0

YOSEMITE 3.0 will be a completely open platform that redefines the structure of the investment market. Anyone will be able to directly list his/her assets for open trade. Big data accrued on YOSEMITE will allow people to look up and utilize information about assets. YOSEMITE will expand to become a portal service that includes a vibrant community, SNS, and news.