Just as companies are listed and their shares traded on the NYSE, various assets can be traded on Asset Exchange YOSEMITE (“YOSEMITE”) in the form of shares. YOSEMITE’s unique blockchain-based hybrid system guarantees secured and transparent trading while enabling asset tokenization and trading through its scalable high-performance data processing, and revolutionizing shareholders’ participation in important matters such as the sale of assets with its system-wide voting mechanism.

There are countless advantages to tokenizing and trading assets in real time. Removal of cost barriers to entry expands the market, which in turn improves transparency since more actors can substantiate market data. Furthermore, the sheer liquidity of assets vitalizes their market dynamics.

The division into shares and trading of varied assets previously had been impractical to implement on a large scale on conventional exchanges. This is because a trading exchange must guarantee the safety and transparency of trades while processing ever-growing volumes of trades instantaneously. Although YOSEMITE could run on a completely centralized-server architecture akin to the NYSE, maintaining security, operations, and oversight would require astronomical financial upkeep. In addition, there is the possibility that the manager of a centralized-server system could manipulate data stored in the server, so a trusted neutral entity (e.g., the government) must enforce legitimacy in the absence of true transparency.

Thus a platform such as YOSEMITE is not practically viable solely on centralized-server architecture. However, by utilizing blockchain-based hybrid technology that effortlessly ensures transactions’ safety and transparency while efficiently processing enormous volumes of trade, it is now possible to build and operate YOSEMITE to its full potential.