General Purpose Public Blockchain for Business


Without a native crypto-currency, YOSEMITE is a public blockchain that uses real money (e.g. USD, EUR, CNY)


To overcome the shortcomings of current public blockchains, we developed a more reasonable and fair consensus algorithm, Proof-of-Transaction (PoT)

General Business Platform

YOSEMITE is a public blockchain designed for government and enterprise uses

Using a volatile native crypto-currency causes a great hindrance in running a business.
YOSEMITE resolves that problem by using tokens that have their values pegged to government-approved fiat money

YOSEMITE's unique Proof-of-Transaction consensus algorithm,
which allows only the direct contributors to the blockchain to create blocks and get rewarded, can address the
fundamental problems in PoW, PoS consensus algorithms and sustain a fair and reasonable operation.

Finally, governments and companies globally have a capable underlying system to utilize the advantages of
blockchain and conduct sustainable policies and businesses


Stable Coin

Fiat-pegged stable coins, such as dUSD (digital-USD), are issued by trust entities (Depositories) such as a government, financial institution or commercial enterprise backing the stable coins with an equivalent fiat money reserve. These stable coins can be used as the blockchain's native cryptocurrencies (tokens for transaction fee payment), which are selected by block producers who are elected by continuous transaction voting (Proof-of-Transaction) on blockchain ecosystem.


By using Transaction-as-a-Vote (TaaV) mechanism, Proof-of-Transaction is a new consensus algorithm that rewards the service providers that directly generate transactions on the blockchain. It is more reasonable and fair than existing PoW or PoS algorithms.

Decentralized Exchange

YOSEMITE provides a built-in decentralized exchange to trade digital assets issued by depositories, including fiat tokens, cryptocurrencies, and real assets such as real-estate and artworks.

On/off-chain hybrid token exchange

YOSEMITE offers On/Off-chain hybrid token exchange mechanism that anchors large volume of transactions that get resolved off-chain to a decentralized storage (IPFS) and blockchain, to achieve scability for services such as High Frequency Trading or Micropayments.

Trust network for account recovery

YOSEMITE supports multi-sig blockchain accounts, creating a trust network that allows users to recover their accounts. Such a trust network is a cornerstone in creating a secure and stable ecosystem, by greatly mitigating blockchain technology's innate security risks associated with lost or stolen private keys.

KYC/AML compliant blockchain

On YOSEMITE, it can be configured that only the accounts verified by trust entities' KYC/AML process can own and participate in transactions. This support mechanism can address the financial regulatory compliance issues that services on other public blockchains struggle with.


YOSEMITE was founded by YT Kim. Through an encounter in 2013 with Shawn Fanning — founder of the P2P-based music distribution service Napster, a precursor to blockchain technology — YT came to settle down in Silicon Valley. He then embarked on his journey of improving blockchain technology and developing a service that would lead to its mass adoption by the public.

Patrick O’Grady

Chief Executive Officer

Trading system mechanics and oversight, innovative solutions research and development, exchange platform quality assurance

Stanford University, B.S. 2018.

Anthony Di Franco

Chief Science Officer

Blockchain core technology oversight and research, next-generation trading system architectural design

Yale University, B.S. 2005; University of California, Davis, Ph.D. candidate.

Bezalel Lim

Chief Technology Officer

Blockchain core development, Dapp (decentralized applications) development, former senior developer at LG CNS and Daum Kakao.

Yonsei University, B.S. 2002; KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), M.S. 2008.

Brandon Griffin


Dapp development, blockchain future direction, researcher at Lin Lab (UC Berkeley College of Engineering).

University of California, Berkeley, B.S. 2020.

Joe Park


Smart contract dapp development and dapp browser expert, former mobile software engineer at Daum Kakao.

University of Montana, B.S. 2009.

Jonathan Gomes Selman

Blockchain Researcher

Researches blockchain consensus and scalability mechanisms. Previously research assistant at Cornell Computational Sustainability Lab.

Stanford University, B.S. 2020.

Hoan Lee


Financial system architecture. Former senior developer at LG Electronics and Toss (South Korea's Venmo)

Korea University, B.S. 2009

Elizabeth Reichert


Payment systems development, research on blockchain in financial services.

Stanford University, B.S. 2018.

Eugene Chung


Exchange server and blockchain core development, blockchain solutions research.

POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology), B.S. 2003.

Jamie MacFarlane

Product Development

Prototypes new blockchain products for partners. Previously worked at Silver Lake and 8VC.

Stanford University, B.S. 2018.

Eric Hwang


Design of platform, manage life cycle of assets, former IT solution researcher at Samsung SDS.

Hanyang University, B.S. 2014.

Yuno Yang


Product design, former product designer at Daum Kakao.

Hongik University, B.S. 2009.

Max Jungreis

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Advises on product development and partnership strategy in Asia. Formerly analyst at New Access Capital and Shenzhen Capital Group.

Tsinghua University, Chinese Fellowship Program 2014. George Washington University, B.B.A 2016.

Kathy Kim

Director of Marketing

Business Development and overseeing partnership. Former patent attorney specializing in blockchain at BKL IP Group.

Korea University, B.S. 2016, Computer Education

Evelyn Zhang

Director of External Relations

Development of relationships with portfolio managers and investors, appraisal of assets, investment strategy.

University of California, Davis, B.A. 2009; New York University, USPAP-Certified Appraiser 2015.

Bryan Jin

Business Operations Manager

Compliance and organizational structure, book-keeping, financial statements, and HR management.

University of California, Berkeley, B.A. 2013.

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